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 Heliport Lighting System, Perimeter Light


This light has been developed using the latest technology available. It is part of a complete range of inset lights covering all the current applications of airfield
This light is suitable for taxiway edge, apron edge and heliport lighting.


- Low protrusion above the ground (only 6 mm) - Body casting made of aluminum alloy for lightness, mechanical strength and durability
- Environmental friendly materials
- Lens mounted to the upper covdr with use of replaceable gaskets to facilitate
sloped upper surface
- Smooth sloped upper surface
- Low Power consumption(40W 6.6A lamp)
- Long lamp life 1000 hours at fully brilliancy
- Direct mounting on 8” shallow base & deep base through specific aluminum
adaptor ring
- Air Valve include for waterlightness testing after maintenance



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